International collaboration

Department of Hygiene collaborates with the scientific and educational institutions from Bucuresti, Iasi, Timisoara, Craiova, Targu-Mures, Kiev, Perm, Cita, Moscow, Norfolk etc. 

International projects realized with participation of staff of the department

  1. MRDA/CRDF “Evaluation of Indoor Air Quality and Impact on Respiratory Deseases Incidence”, 2001-2002.
  2. European Union “The Health Promotion and Diseases Prevention in Moldova”, 2003-2005.
  3. GEF/PNUD “Evaluation at the national level of necessities for capacity consolidation”, 2004.
  4. GEF/PNUD “National Plan of Actions for Application of Rio-de-Janeiro Convention about Environment during the period 2005-2010”, 2004.
  5. GEF/PNUD “Elaboration of measures for the human’s adaptation to global growing warmer”, 2005-2007.
  6. European Union “Inoffensiveness of water”, 2006-2009.
  7. UE/TACIS/UNICEF/MET „Studiul de evaluare rapidă a instituţiilor de îngrijire rezidenţială a copiilor din Republica Moldova” (2007).
  8. TEMPUS Project “Master Programmes in Public Health and Social Services”, 2010-2013.