A brief history

Teaching courses in hygiene disciplines began in 1966 at the Department of General Hygiene of the Faculty of Hygiene and Sanitary ( at that time – Faculty of Preventive Medicine, now- Faculty of Public Health) as separate courses in Environmental Hygiene (Hygiene of community), Occupational Hygiene, Food Hygiene and Hygiene of Children and Adolescents.

The Department of Hygiene was founded combining together all above mentioned courses on 15 June 1977.

Theoretical courses and practical works in hygiene subjects were developed and initiated by doctors in medicine F. Avraman, V. Iachim, V. Vangheli, I. Hăbăşescu, respectively. The founder of teaching and research activities of the new Department was Iacob Reznik, PhD, professor, Honorary citizen of Republic of Moldova.

Over the years, the teaching and scientific process in Environmental Hygiene were conducted by doctors in medicine A. Discalenco, C. Sedâkin and lecturers V. Daşanu and V. Borta, associate professor M. Ojovan, professor Gr. Friptuleac, associate professor V. Băbălău, doctor in medicine, senior lecturer N. Zimniţa, associate professor S. Cebanu.

Associate professors D. Rusnac, V.Chicu and Gh. Sprâncean, assistants N. Marian, V. Macovei and V. Vozian, university professor V. Vangheli, associate professors Raisa Russu and V. Mesina worked in the field of Occupational Hygiene.

Doctors in medicine, Uliana Jalba and A.Chirlici, lecturers R. Caldare, C. Ramis and V. Rubanovici taught the course on Nutrition and Food Hygiene.

The course of Hygiene of Children and Adolescents was taught by the founder of this course, associate professor I. Hăbăsescu and in different periods by doctors in medicine, lecturers A. Guttul and V. Socolov, associate professor Maria Moraru, doctor in medicine, lecturer Angela Cazacu-Stratu.

Doctor in medicine, V. Iachim founded the Department and was its Head from 1977 until 1986. In the period 1986-88, Head of the Department was doctor in medicine, associated professor M. Ojovan. Then from 1988-1997, the Department was conducted by PhD, university professor V. Vangheli. Since 1999 the Department of Hygiene has been conducted by PhD, university professor Gr. Friptuleac.

Subinternship (introduced in 1976) contributed to the improvement of the training of students for the work in preventive and current sanitary supervision. Since 1989, postgraduate training is performed by Internship course, and in 1996 – by residency of two years.

Two PhD theses were developed within the Department: V. Vangheli in 1990, Gr. Friptuleac in 2001 and 7 thesis of doctors in medicine: C. Ramis – in 2001, Raisa Russu – in 2003, Eudochia Tcaci – in 2003, V. Mesina – in 2007, S. Cebanu – in 2008, Iu. Pânzaru – in 2009, Angela Cazacu-Stratu- in 2011. The collaborators of the Department are authors of 6 monographs, 5 issues on public health training. In the last 5 years the Department’s staff has written and published about 160 scientific articles and theses, textbooks, papers, methodological elaborations. Professor Gr. Friptuleac is a laureate of “FF Erisman” and Gala Award in Health.